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Download it all or in parts. Look for the README file in each archive for details.


Monday, 23th February 2015

New training data is available! Please see the dedicated pages for Stereo and disparity, Depth and camera motion, and Segmentation.

Wednesday, 9th January 2013

For better transfer rates overseas, the big files are now additionally mirrored at the University of Washington.

Wednesday, 13th September 2012

Fixed a bug in the Bundler application. Please make sure to use the latest version.

Complete Dataset

Dataset as separate archives

Additional datasets

  • Depth and camera motion

    Please see the separate website for the training data.

  • Stereo and disparity

    Please see the separate website for the training data.

  • Segmentation

    See the separate website for the training data.

Supplementary Tools

  • Bundler


    Uploading your computed flow fields for the full test set is impractical due to the amount of data. Consequently we provide a bundler that subsamples the optical flow field data. This sampling of the data is designed to mimic the statistics of the full dataset.

    The bundler also generates a single file for submission in the appropriate format. Archive includes binary executables for Linux, OSX, and Windows.

    Note: The bundler is also contained in the Complete and Testing Data archive (see above); there is no need to download it twice.